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EXCLUSIVE: The MP Jo Cox defended Palestine and its neo-Nazi assassin love Israeli apartheid

There is an “official” version of the death of the young British MP Jo Cox, shot by an individual 52 years this weekend, just days before the referendum on the output or not the United Kingdom of the European Union (the “Brexit”).

So, because Jo Cox was in favor of maintaining the EU, and that his murderer, Thomas Mair, shot him shouting “Britain First” ( “Britain First”), the killing would due to the tense electoral climate before an indecisive election.

It is without doubt ignore the essential characteristics related to this despicable murder of the Parliamentary Labour, aged 41 and mother of two.

First, because Jo Cox was known for his unwavering commitment to the rights of the Palestinian people, defense of Palestinian children martyrs of a cruel occupier, denunciation of the inhuman siege of Gaza and citizen campaign boycott of Israel (BDS) until that State violate international law. in particular we owe to Jo Cox relentless parliamentary report on torture and the arrests of hundreds of Palestinian children by the occupation army, in violation of all international conventions.

As in Britain, where the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) paid tribute to him, and in the occupied Palestinian territories, Jo Cox’s commitment to the law and justice were highlighted.

As for her killer, Thomas Mair, 52, his right-wing pedigree was certainly raised from the time he was shouting “Britain First” by pulling his victim.

But nobody in the mainstream media, has sought to go further and describe what really is “Britain First” group.

Our British comrades were responsible for this light.

Like other far-right groups in Europe, including some of the patented anti-Semitic (see below a picture of Thomas Mair by Hitler hi -the true to it), Britain First clearly adds to its Islamophobic program support for Israeli policy.

Britain First, the group of Mair and just brag publicly on its website, have been lend a hand to the official Zionist attempt to disrupt a demonstration in solidarity with Palestine.

The report published by Britain First leaves no room for doubt on this view.

Like what, and this is not the first time that we are led to say, the hatred of “Semites” (whether of Jewish persuasion, Muslim or other) and the adoration of the Netanyahu can click do perfectly well together. (Thomas Mair, Jo Cox assassin)

Quand “Britain First” se vante de ses exploits :


Source: CAPJPO-Euro Palestine