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Exorcist, 23, battles Satan and claims to have cast out over 2,000 demons since she began her rituals at just 13

MANY university students spend their time partying and dating the opposite sex.

But that’s not the case for 23-year-old Brynne Larson from Arizona, who battles Satan and performs dramatic exorcisms to banish demons, between lectures.

Brynne is part of a glamorous trio – along with Savannah, 26, and Tess Shurkenback, 23, – who call themselves the All-American Exorcists, after renaming from the Teenage Exorcists.

They work as a badass Bible-bashing squad who claim to rid people of the devil inside them.

The aspiring doctor has performed 2,000 exorcisms since she started at the tender age of 13, after being trained up by her dad Reverend Bob Larson.

Armed with just a Bible, cross, holy water and a few choice words, the young woman says she has cast out demons of voodoo and witchcraft and many others, in 23 different countries.

Brynne admitted that the “act” of removing a demon can become very physical at times.

Speaking to the Sun Online, Brynne said: “We’ve had to stop exorcisms because we haven’t had enough people to hold onto them, it’s become too violent and we’ve had to regroup.

“We don’t want anybody to get hurt. At the same time to get that demon out it is evil, it wants to come at you, sometimes it does have to get very physical.

“My main goal is I don’t want to them to get hurt. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get the demon out.

“Dad has had his ribs cracked before, I’ve taken a punch or two but nothing very serious.

“Russian demons are very violent so we’ve seen some very spectacular 12 people hanging onto one person exorcisms.”



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