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Explosions at Syrian Military Base Cause 2.6 Magnitude Earthquake

A 2.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded close to Taqsees, Hama, Syria at 10:40 PM local time (3:40 NY time) Sunday, at the same time Syrian TV reported several explosions in the same area.


Moments later, videos of an intense set of explosions, reportedly at a Syrian military base at Jabal al-Bukhut 47, some 10 miles south-east of Hama, began to pop on the social networks.

One report cited a hostile strike (Israel) that targeted an ammunition depots in the Hama area which is one of the depots used mostly by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

A SANA report headlined Explosions heard in Hama and Aleppo countryside, authorities working to identify their cause.




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