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Extreme right march in Kyiv demanding more war in eastern Ukraine

Several thousand neo-Nazis and extreme rightists marched yesterday in Kyiv demanding that the Ukrainian government intensify its war in the east of the country. The march was spearheaded by the Right Sector neo-Nazi party, its paramilitary wing, the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps (DUK), and the Aidar Battalion.

A report sympathetic to the supposed grievances of the extremists was published by BBC.

A very informative report with many visuals was published by Oddly, the RT headline reported the march, reported as some 1,000 people as “huge”. Its text calls the rally “massive”. The report explains: “The protesters demand that the Ukrainian government officially recognize the fighting in the Eastern Ukraine as a war, and not an anti-terror operation. Their demands also include cancellation of the Minsk Agreements, breaking relations with Russia, stepping-up military operations in eastern Ukraine and the “liberation of the occupied territories.”

Here is a longer video report on the march in Ukrainian language.