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Facebook beta testing online publisher “kill switch” – will sites be blocked if they don’t promote official propaganda?



Over the last several days, Facebook has been beta testing a “kill switch” that caused articles from online publishers to be blocked from social sharing. Complaints poured in to Natural News and other independent publishers such as Western Journalism, which wrote an article entitled Multiple Reports: Facebook Blocking Links To Online Publishers.

“Western Journalism received several messages from users who stated they were unable to share or view our content. At the same time, social media users began venting their frustration via Twitter posts,” says the article. “Another conservative publisher, National Review, also noticed a steep decline in visits.”

Censoring independent media is all about “manufactured consensus”

Facebook is, of course, an extension of the oligarch-ruled surveillance state that now dominates American society. In this surveillance state, “manufactured consensus” is engineered on all the big agendas — war, vaccines, immigration, etc. — by the gatekeepers of the internet censoring the truth and spreading lies. Manufactured consensus is best described in this article by the extraordinary journalist Jon Rappoport.

Google, for example, recently partnered with the Mayo Clinic to take over all the top health-related search results, replacing merit-based health results with pharma-controlled Mayo Clinic propaganda that promotes chemotherapy, deadly prescription drugs, surgery and radiation. This is what Jon Rappoport correctly refers to as totalitarian science.