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Facebook secrets: Want to see who`s monitoring your Facebook?

Facebook monitoring and censorship is at an all time high. With so many attacks on Independent and Citizen Journalism as of late, wouldn’t it be nice to know who is monitoring your page? With these Facebook secrets, now you can!

That is one of my favorite quotes. It applies to this post, because social media has become home to the worlds largest platform’s for news and information. If you write articles, have a blog, and/or otherwise use some sort of mechanism to disseminate information, you are probably on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In recent times, we have seen a huge increase in attempts to silence dissent, censor independent and alternative news sources, and redirect the public back to the mainstream. This inorganic attempt to steer the public away from posts or news sources that don’t fit the mainstream narrative or status quo is failing. Miserably.

The truth is, people want real news and information, and real news and information, is always much more intense. Reality and truth itself is always much stranger than fiction, as the saying goes. Of course, social media censors and the media will say independent media uses “dangerous tactics” that they call “click bait” to grab their viewers.

While it is certainly true some websites are known for this, overall, it may just appear that way more or less due to the fact that as stated earlier, the truth is raw and to those who are asleep, it really is fantastic.

With these recent attempts to censor anyone who doesn’t fit the status quo, Facebook announced it will employ new methods to combat so-called “fake news.” As one may predict, the “sources” who will have the power to “review” posts for “authenticity,” have an obvious conflict of interest.

In addition, did you know there are people literally watching your Facebook account? Yes. There are people who have a specific duty to monitor your posts and activity. While there are many Facebook secrets, for those who enjoy privacy, this one is for you!


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