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‘Fake news’ started by serpent devil who tempted Adam & Eve – Pope

Pope Francis condemned ‘fake news’ as the work of the devil in a message to journalists ahead of World Communications Day.
The pontiff, who last week apologized for suggesting abuse victims in Chile were guilty of slander, reminded reporters of the damage that can be done when distorted data or misinformation is widely shared. Commenting on the phenomenon of ‘fake news,’ the head of the Roman Catholic Church described disguising falsehoods as legitimate news as the work of the devil.

He suggested ‘fake news’ stems from the serpent in the tale of original sin, in which Adam and Eve are deceived into eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

“This is the strategy used by the ‘astute serpent,’ mentioned in the Book of Genesis, which, at the dawn of humanity, became the author of the first fake news,” he said.

The subject of ‘fake news’ is a contentious one, with a recent Gallup and Knight Foundation study of 19,000 Americans finding that 66 percent of people do not think the media does a good enough job of separating fact from opinion.


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