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Fake science TV personality Bill Nye goes berserk when REAL scientist schools him on carbon dioxide

In case you still thought that TV personality Bill Nye was a real “science guy,” this ought to disabuse you of that belief.

In a recent interview on uber-Left-wing CNN, where kooks and crackpots like Nye are made to feel right at home, the mechanical engineer (that’s Nye) had a hissy fit when someone with legitimate brain power and knowledge challenged is Marxist orthodoxy regarding so-called “human-caused climate change/global warming.”

As reported by The Blaze, Nye – who gained notoriety during the 1990s with a kid’s “science” program, has since become a full-blown, dyed-in-the-wool convert to the church of global warming hoaxism. In his CNN appearance, he actually accused the network of doing a “disservice” to its viewers because they dared to have on a single dissenting climate change voice. (Related: Bill Nye goes FULL LUNATIC with vulgar transgender music video singing about “moist vagina” and how transgenderism is “evolution”.)

Nye, it seems, would have fit right in with Hitler’s Brown Shirts and propaganda operations, both of which sought to quash dissent and speech, not encourage debate and mutually beneficial solutions.

What’s worse, Nye’s angst was directed at an actual scientist, William Happer, who is a physicist at some obscure Ivy League school called Princeton University. Maybe you’ve heard of it.


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