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Farage’s UKIP Farewell: Promises To Keep Fighting Globalisation In Europe And America

Nigel Farage has promised to keep fighting globalisation across Europe and in the U.S. in his final speech to a UKIP conference as leader, praising how the party “changed the course of British history” by securing the Brexit vote.


“This has been a pretty extraordinary few years. I never dreamt we could have achieved what he have. I have put absolutely all of me into this”, the founder of arguably Europe’s most successful populist movement said in an emotional final speech.

“I literally could not have worked any harder or been any more determined. I guess it’s been my life’s work to get this party to this point”, he added. “I think, folks, I’ve done my bit”.

“But, I’m not giving up on politics completely”, he added, promising to “support the new leader” which he assumed will “be a she” as well a “continuing to lead a group in the European Parliament”.

Furthermore, “I intend this autumn to travel around European capitals to try and help independence and democracy movements in those countries in the EU”, he also revealed.

“Who knows, I may even go back to the United State of America”, he added with a smile and a cheer.


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