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FBI: New Malware to Spur More Large-Scale Cyber Attacks

Mirai disrupted Internet service in eastern U.S.

The FBI is warning companies to protect themselves from cyber attacks from a newly released malware that disrupted a large segment of the Internet in the United States last month.

The distributed denial of service attack on the internet company Dyn revealed new vulnerabilities to cyber attackers through inter-connected devices known as the Internet of Things, the FBI stated in a notice to industry on October 26.

“The exploitation of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) to conduct small-to-large scale attacks on the private industry will very likely continue due to the open availability of the malware source codes for targeting IoT devices and insufficient IOT device security,” the FBI’s Task Force stated in the notice.

The October 21 cyber attack targeted Dyn, a company that conducts domain name service hosting—the electronic translation of words into numerical addresses on the Internet.

More than 80 websites crashed in at least two waves of attacks that used a variation of the Mirai malware, according to the FBI.

Two earlier major cyber attacks using the same malware and botnets knocked out a gaming server and a cyber security blog in September, the FBI said.

The cyber security blog was Krebs on Security, run by investigative journalist Brian Krebs. The blog was hit by Mirai malware in one of the largest cyber attacks of its kind on record


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