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FBI releases Clinton probe documents

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has published another set of documents from their probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while heading the US Department of State.

The 100-page collection of documents can be read here. The disclosure is part of the FBI’s effort to explain the recommendation not to press any charges against Clinton, made in July by Director James Comey.

The first document appears to be a summary of the interview – called the “FD-302” – with someone at Platte River Networks (PRN), the contractor that maintained Clinton’s private email server.

PRN referred to Clinton contract as “CESC,”short for Clinton Executive Services Corporation. The first PRN executive interviewed “didn’t believe there was a successful intrusion attempt”against the Clinton server, the FBI said.

The second PRN executive interviewed by the FBI pointed to the possibility that CESC emails that were destroyed by Bleachbit software “still existed in the live email accounts.”


Another interview reveals that PRN reached out to the Connecticut-based provider DATTO to host a private, local backup of Clinton’s email server.


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