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Find out where VAXXED is playing near you! The most censored film of 2016 is now touring America

Shortly before it was set to debut at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival in March, the documentary VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe became the most controversial film in years, alternately praised for its groundbreaking information and reviled by a Big Pharma industry dependent on keeping the public in the dark.

If you’ve yet to hear about the film, that’s not odd: It has been pulled from film festivals, dropped from screenings and shut out of venues since it hit the market. That said, slowly but surely its producers are getting the word out with a slow-but-steady stream of screenings in various cities and venues around the country.

Some upcoming screenings include:

— Laemmle’s Monica Film Center – Santa Monica, CA (April 15 – May 5; all day)

— Laemmle’s Claremont – Claremont, CA (April 16 – May 9; all day)

— Emagine Novi 18 – Novi, MI (April 29 – May 5; all day)

— Landmark California Theatre – Berkeley, CA (April 29 – May 5; all day)

— Angelika Film Center & Cafe – Plano, TX (May 6 – May 12; all day)

There are additional venues – in Hawaii and California, to name a few – in the coming days and weeks. Check here to see if VAXXED is coming to your area.