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First your smart TV, now the Xbox could be snooping on you! Console’s Kinect device is constantly listening for commands from users

Millions of Britons are being spied on in their homes by Microsoft’s voice-activated Xbox game consoles, Apple smartphones and other hi-tech gadgets.

The revelation comes after Samsung’s admission that its internet-linked smart TVs could be listening in on householders’ private conversations.

Yesterday it emerged that some Microsoft and Apple gadgets, and Samsung’s smartphones, are also snooping on customers.

Microsoft’s Xbox games consoles – used in 84 million households worldwide – are among the worst culprits if they are used with one of the company’s popular Kinect devices, which allow users to control the consoles with spoken commands or by moving.

Kinect-controlled Xboxes listen to everything around them, silently waiting for commands such as ‘Xbox turn on’ or instructions to load up computer games including Tomb Raider or Halo.

The technology means people can play games or watch catch-up TV without using the remote control.


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