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Five New HAARP Type Arrays Being Built! Norway Shutting Down Fm Radio -The Real Reason Why



Norway is shutting off FM radio transmissions by 2017?

I never believe the “official” reason for anything like this. There is much more to the story than you’re being told.

Officially, the powers that be would have you believe FM is being done away with because digital is much cheaper to operate, and offers more options. Technically, this might be true, however the real reason FM is being shut off is much deeper than meets the eye.

Norway isn’t just “shutting off” FM becasue Digital radio is “better”. Norway is freeing up FM bands for OTHER uses coming soon, for sure the FM band won’t stay silent very long!

FM falls within the VHF (Very High Frequency) band. Norway is the location of EISCAT , the European VHF version of HAARP.

Worthy to note, as of January 2015, Norway is moving ahead with EISCAT 3D. To be completed by 2017. They are building FIVE DIFFERENT versions of a HAARP type array to work together with each other in conjuction using the VHF band!

Quote the literature on the EISCAT 3D project:

“The EISCAT_3D system will consist of five phased-array antenna fields located in the northernmost areas of Finland, Norway and Sweden, each with around 10,000 crossed dipole antenna elements. One of these sites (the core site) will transmit radio waves at 233 MHz, and all five sites will have sensitive receivers to measure the returned radio signals.”

Thus it appears 233.0FM is going to be broadcasting LOUD AND CLEAR come 2017.

I can hear it now 🙂

“HOTT 233.0FM EISCAT — Burning up the airwaves with your favorite top 40 ionospheric “hits”!

In order to understand how close these frequencies overlap, FM Radio working in the 100MHz band… EISCAT working in 200MHz band, see the charts below which break down the RF (radio frequency) spectrum.


EISCAT 3D – VHF Antenna prototype Deliverable