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Forget driverless cars. The invinsible car is olmost here

Flying cars have been a dream since the Jetsons, and driverless cars will soon be a reality. But one unlikely automotive technology on the horizon? Invisibility.

This isn’t a Harry Potter-style invisible cloak that renders the vehicle invisible to outsiders. Rather, this new technology makes interior parts of the car invisible to the driver to reduce blind spots and improve safety.

Car manufacturers are achieving “invisibility” by placing cameras on the exterior of the vehicle and connecting them to an LED screen on the interior.

Nissan achieved this on a rearview mirror, while Jaguar has placed the display screens on interior pillars, which, when connected to the exterior cameras, allow drivers to keep an extra eye on pedestrians and other vehicles. Landrover is using similar technology to allow drivers to see through the hood of the car to the ground, to reduce the chances of running over small objects and animals.


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