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Fox News host Sean Hannity pushes another conspiracy theory: Trump is facing a secret ‘soft coup’

A number of conservative media outlets have stated the belief that President Donald Trump’s administration is being subverted by the media and/or the intelligence community, reasoning each is bitter about Trump’s victory in November.

Fox News anchor and host Sean Hannity went a step further on Tuesday night, suggesting a “soft coup” is taking place in the country. He claims it is being led by the mainstream media and the intelligence community, which he said are attempting to undermine the Republican Trump’s agenda.

Hannity’s accusations come only weeks after Fox News was forced to retract conspiracy claims about the murder of former North Carolina Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

During the monologue for his self-titled program, Hannity expounded on his theory with five points. First, he stated that top media outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News and many others are using “lies” to push the ongoing coverage of the Trump campaign’s alleged links to Russia.

“Here in America, we are at a turning point tonight with forces now forming an alliance to try and remove President Trump from office, it’s that serious,” Hannity said, according to Media Matters. “Now, here are the five dangers we are facing, especially the president. One, you have the ‘destroy Trump media’ that has been lying to you now, provable lies for 11 months. Non-stop. Trump, Russia, collusion, black helicopter theories. No evidence 



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