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France must face possibility of a ‘President Marine Le Pen’

After Donald Trump’s earth-shaking win and Britain stunning the EU by voting out, France must now accept the possibility far-right Marine Le Pen could actually pull off a hat-trick of shocks in next year’s French presidential election.

Marine Le Pen congratulated Donald Trump on becoming the new president of the United States long before the official results were in.

A sign that the leader of the populist far-right National Front party is bouncing with confidence on Wednesday.

And you can’t blame her.

“Madame Frexit” as she dubbed herself, has already been given a huge boost this summer by Britain’s rejection of the EU.

And if Le Pen and her party needed any more proof that populism was proving popular it came in the form of 47.7 percent of the American electorate voting for their own anti-establishment, wildcard candidate in the form of Trump.

“Their world is crumbling, ours is being built” was how National Front deputy leader Florian Philippot summed it up.

“Today, the United States, tomorrow France. Bravo America!” cheered Jean-Marie Le Pen the founder of the the National Front.


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