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FREE HOSTING 000WEBHOST Hacked, 13.5 Millon Users Data Stolen


Australian expert in the field of information security Hunt Troy (Troy Hunt) said that the most popular hosting 000Webhost hacked by unknown hackers. The incident occurred in March 2015, but became aware of it only now, as the company did not bother to inform their customers about the incident. The truth came to light when an anonymous source shared with Hunt stolen database, allowing professionals to identify the authenticity of the information. Hackers stole host logins, passwords, email and names of 13.5 million users, and the data was not encrypted at all.

Troy Hunt has published in his blog post, which describes in detail how to hit him in the hands of the database 000Webhost, putting an expert in an awkward and difficult position, and he checked its authenticity. Unfortunately, these data were:

“Already there is no doubt that the leaked information had indeed occurred, and affected by, users will soon learn about it – says Hunt. – Personally, I would prefer that the company 000Webhost reported the [customers], not me. “