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French, Germans & Italians overwhelmingly in favor of abandoning border-free Europe – poll

The Schengen agreement has never been more unpopular in three countries that form the cornerstone of the EU. Almost three in four people in France want to abolish the agreement, while around two-thirds of Germans and Italians feel the same way.

Despite being a founding principle of European integration, France, Germany and Italy are now becoming more concerned about sealing their own borders, than enjoying the ability to move freely around the continent.

poll carried out by France’s Institute for Opinion Research (IFOP) shows overwhelmingly that Europeans would like to see Schengen halted, and the reestablishment of border controls between neighboring countries. Support for this move was highest in France with 72 percent wanting borders sealed, with 66 percent wanting the same to happen in Germany and 60 percent in Italy.


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