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French Man Saved his Life by Samsung mobile Phone

A Frenchman has told of how his life was saved by his mobile phone, after he was caught in the middle of last night’s horrifying terrorist attacks in Paris.
The man, named only as Sylvestre, had just ended a phone call when a terrorist blew himself up just metres from where he stood – the first of two suicide explosions and a bombing at the Stade de France which killed at least six people.
A flying piece of shrapnel from the blast smashed into his phone, which would have caused his head to ‘explode’ had it made impact just seconds later.
The double suicide blasts at the stadium came as part of a series of coordinated attacks which left at least 127 people dead and the city paralysed with fear.
Sylvestre was also struck by shrapnel in his foot and abdomen but is lucky to be alive after the stadium attack, which also left several people seriously hurt.



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