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French told to avoid 107 supermarket foods

A group of nutritionists have warned the French to avoid over 100 typical supermarket foods due to their toxic contents

“The Guide of Good Choices at the Supermarket” was published on Thursday, and it made for worrying reading for regular supermarket shoppers.

The nutritionists behind the publication studied 800 common supermarket foods for the guide, and decided that 323 products “should be avoided”.
A further 107 items “should be banished from shopping trolleys because of their additives, or the poor quality of the raw materials”.
The front cover of the guide, for example, shows a comparison between two packs of biscuits: On the left side the Petits Sablés get a big “oui” and are listed as having just four ingredients and no additives.
On the other side the Petit Brun Extra biscuits get a “non” for their 11 ingredients and five additives (not to mention the high glycemic index).
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