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Frontpage Mag : Huma Abedin, Daughter of Jihad

Roger Stone says it’s time to focus on the Hillary Clinton aide whose family has ties to Osama bin Laden

Hillary Clinton longtime lieutenant Huma Abedin’s exhaustively documented connections to Islamic terror are receiving renewed attention thanks to a new column written by political gadfly Roger Stone.

Abedin, now vice-chairman of Clinton’s campaign, is the person “closest to the most powerful woman in American politics and perhaps the next President,” Stone writes at Breitbart. “Huma has been described variously as Hillary’s ‘body woman,’ a sort of glorified go-to personal maid, gentle confidant, and by others as an Islamic spy.”

“She may be all of these things,” writes Stone, who is close to GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“Abedin was deeply involved with the establishment of Hillary’s private email server, which was used for all of her work as Secretary of State. Now, since we know Hillary had hundreds of classified or top-secret documents on her vulnerable server (despite her early lies saying she did not), any faith in Huma’s judgment — at the very least — has been demolished. You will soon ask yourself, ‘how did this woman get a security clearance?’”

Abedin’s background, including her suspect ties to Saudi Arabia, was previously examined by FrontPage but sounding the alarm about her connections to the Islamist underworld takes on a heightened urgency now that polls suggest Clinton is dangerously close to assuming the presidency. Abedin has been joined at the hip to Hillary for decades and would probably be a major figure such as policy director or chief of staff in the White House if she wins.

The power this daughter of jihad could — once again — wield over Americans and world affairs is truly frightening. For all we know, Abedin may have played a role in shutting down counter-terrorism measures that could have been useful in preventing Islamist attacks in the U.S. and abroad.

Stone’s report was part rebuttal to a lie-packed column earlier this year from Media Matters for America, the “conservative misinformation” monitoring group Clinton brags about founding. Placed in the unusual position of having to attack its liberal allies in the mainstream media, the MMfA post purported to debunk a relatively mild Vanity Fair profile that examined Abedin’s Islamist ties.

Stone’s report comes in the wake of the jihadist bloodbath perpetrated early Sunday morning by Omar Mir Siddique Mateen at Pulse, a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Police said Mateen wielded a semiautomatic Sig Sauer MCX rifle and a Glock 17 handgun to kill 49 innocent victims and wound another 53 in what has been called the worst mass shooting in American history and the worst domestic terrorist attack since 9/11.


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