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Fuchsia: Google is Building a New Operating System, But No One Knows What it’s For

Google appears to have started building a new OS. They quietly posted the pile of code under the name ‘Fuchsia’ in their code depository and on Github, but they haven’t said a word about what it’s for.

The odd part is that, while this OS can run on both phones and PCs, it isn’t related to Android or Chrome OS. And Google’s statement about the OS doesn’t help with figuring it out: “Pink + Purple = Fuchsia.”

With Fuchsia, the company seems to finally be parting ways with their long-term partner Linux, since the new OS does not rely on the Linux kernel, the core basic code running both Android and Chrome OS. Instead, the new OS uses Magenta, an in-house project created by Google that seems to be aimed more towards exploring the possibilities of machine learning and intelligence.


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