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Fully clothed body of 17th-century noblewoman found in France – with her husband’s heart

A fully dressed and well-preserved corpse of a noblewoman who died in the 17th century has been discovered by French archeologists. The woman’s body was in a lead coffin, along with the heart of her husband.

The body was found in the chapel of St Joseph’s convent in Rennes, Brittany, in northwest France, in March 2014. However, the identity of the lady was only revealed on Tuesday by the French National Institute for Preventative Archaeological Research(Inrap).

The body, 1.45 meters in length, was still wearing shoes and a cap. It is thought to be Louise de Quengo, a widow of the Breton nobility who died in 1656 when she was about 60 years old.

The team from Inrap says that the body is “in an exceptional state of preservation.”


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