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German politician ‘threatened with beheading’ by far-right after refugee shelter burned


The local organizer of a refugee shelter in Germany says right-wing extremists threatened to behead him after the building was badly damaged in an apparent arson attack.

Götz Ulrich, a Christian Democrat politician, who is among the active supporters of a housing project that seeks to house 40 refugees in the town of Tröglitz in East German state of Saxony-Anhalt, said the far-right activists threatened to deal with him using “French revolutionary methods.”

The refugee housing project has been a focus of intense confrontation over the past few weeks between its supporters and opponents in Tröglitz, a town of 2,700 residents where unemployment is higher than average and the local economy is depressed.

On Saturday night the building, which is planned to accommodate refugees, along with security guards and social workers, from mid-May was reportedly set ablaze, further escalating the tensions. Ulrich points to far-right activists as the likely source of the apparent arson, and says he received personal threats over his position.


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