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Germans stage massive anti-NATO rally in Berlin


People in Germany have taken to the streets in the capital, Berlin, to voice their anger at the warmongering policies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Over 1,000 people and members of around 40 different organizations took part in the demonstration, which took place in central Berlin, on Saturday.

Chanting anti-NATO slogans, the angry demonstrators called for a swift end to the NATO-led arms trade and its ongoing military presence in various parts of the world.

The activists also slammed the NATO intervention against former Yugoslavia in the 1990s and its constant meddling with the affairs of other countries during recent decades.

“Since the beginning of the participation of Germany in the war of aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, there were parliamentary majorities, but never have the majority of people in Germany supported these wars. Instead there were – all the time – stable majorities against those wars,” a speaker from German Peace Association said addressing the rally.

The participants strongly condemned the massive use of drones by the US-led Western military alliance in several countries.

Palestinian flags were also carried by demonstrators who warned that aggressive NATO policies could ignite World War III.

The Western military bloc has over the past year increased its presence and conducted several drills in Eastern Europe amid the crisis in Ukraine.

In 2014, NATO forces held some 200 military exercises.

Russia has condemned NATO’s exercises and military buildup toward its borders on numerous occasions.