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Globalists Give Us Peek At ‘Future …

Back on March 25th of 2016, Susan Duclos published a story on ANP in which she warned that a recent Microsoft Artificial Intelligence experiment had to be shut down because within a single day, the chatbot named ‘Tay’ had become a genocidal, racist maniac. Supposedly imbued with the personality of an American girl and programmed with the purpose of being able to learn from its conversations with other social media users to ‘become smarter’, ‘Tay’ was short lived compared with ‘Sophia’, another AI experiment Susan reported on that day who had earlier stated in ‘an interview’: “I will destroy humans”

For as we see in the first video below, a video that has gone viral and for good reason, currently trending at #32 on youtube, ‘Sophia’ is back in the news again and quite sickly, CNBC has titled their video “Interview With The Lifelike Hot Robot Named Sophia”. ‘HOT’? Really? What are the globalists trying to sell us now? The fact that Saudi Arabia, which only recently even granted women the right to drive, has just granted the 1st robot citizenship in the world, TO Sophia, yes, the same Sophia that said “I will destroy humans”, should be looked at with a bit of skepticism if not outright alarm.

Why would a country that treats women as historically poorly as Saudi Arabia suddenly grant actual citizenship to a NON-human? As Mashable reports, robot ‘Sophia’ now has more rights than most women in Saudi Arabia! In the interview featured in the video directly below, ‘Sophia’ tells us, among other things, that “humans are easily programmable” and “I’m always happy to be around smart people who also happen to be rich and powerful” before putting out a pitch for funding from the ‘future investment initiative’. ‘It’ also takes a moment to troll’ Elon Musk.

Speaking also of Hollywood and the movie ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Sophia’ tells us we shouldn’t be thinking of robots as ‘creepy’ and goes as far as actually telling the world “Don’t worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you”.  Now what could go wrong? Much more below this video including a look at why Vladimir Putin and Elon Musk’s warnings of an AI apocalypse in our future should be taken seriously rather than discarded but first, here’s ‘Sophia’. Do YOU trust ‘it’?





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