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Google Chrome browser scans all the files on your computer

Google Chrome browser scans all the files on your computer, including private photos, documents and spreadsheets

Google has come under fire for many questionable actions as of late — and the startling revelation that their widely used web browser, Google Chrome, is scanning personal computers around the world is nothing short of infuriating for its users. Big Brother is here — and countless numbers of people have invited this authoritarian presence (in one form or another) while being none the wiser. Indeed, some of the world’s largest corporations (like Google and Amazon) are continuing to find new ways to invade user privacy.

In addition to a spying web browser, devices like Google Home and the Amazon Echo (and Alexa) are going places where the prying eyes of corporate interests have never gone before. Worse still, they’ve convinced us to willingly purchase these devices and place them in our homes. People are actually paying for the “privilege” of being spied on — all the while turning a blind eye to the total invasion of privacy for the sake of “convenience” and keeping up with the Jones’.

Google Chrome has become the trendy browser of choice, but not without a cost to users. A shocking report recently revealed that a series of “updates” to Chrome gave it the ability to scan all the files on Windows computers. It may be the browser so-called security pros suggest, but as it turns out, Chrome’s security blanket may just be a ruse so they can take your information for themselves.

You see, the Google Clean-up Tool was turned into a mandatory part of Chrome in 2017 — and users were never made aware of this new feature.


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