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Google testing secretive drone project that can beam 5G internet – report

Google is reportedly testing a new internet connectivity program called Project Skybender. The project involves solar drones that use millimeter radio waves to allow the transmission of gigabits of data.

The search giant is said to be using drones to beam internet to ground users, with testing beginning last summer at New Mexico’s Spaceport America, according to Guardian sources. Under the program, solar drones stay afloat for long periods of time and use millimeter radio waves to transmit gigabits of data “up to 40 times more than today’s 4G LTE systems.”

The Guardian reported that Google foresees a future of thousands of high-altitude, “self-flying aircraft delivering internet access around the world.”

Millimeter waves represent the new front for wireless communication as the lower frequencies are almost used up, leading to spectrum shortages and challenges. Both Facebook and Google have been testing aerial devices to provide reliable wireless internet access in remote locations. Facebook itself has acquired Aquila, a solar-powered drone armed with Wi-Fi lasers, while Google had Project Loon,which employs huge floating balloons with transmitters.


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