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Groundbreaking study reveals 20% of all deaths now caused by junk food and toxic food ingredients

Here I was, strolling up to a cancer fundraising event for a relative I hardly knew. I heard the sounds of drunken chatter and eyed the Budweiser banner sponsoring the event. A crowd of faces overflowed out of the banquet hall like fizz bubbling over the brim of a red solo cup. I entered through the doorway, greeted by the smell of chemical perfume and barbeque. A raffle was being held to pay for the medical expenses that had overwhelmed yet another family. With blank stares, people were filling their plates with shredded hog meat, colored red and preserved with carcinogenic sodium nitrite. Kids were clamoring for ice cream and other pieces of refined sugar. Caramel color and corn syrup flowed. I overheard conversations, dominated by the talk of health problems and medical bills.

I followed a steady stream of people to the back bar. There he was, in a crowded room, surrounded by slot machines and cold drinks. His doctor said he had six months to live. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer just four years ago. The initial chemotherapy was declared a success, but not for long. As usual, the cancer was back, unresolved, rearing its head again. Now here he was, gambling the night away, hoping and praying for a miracle.


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