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HAARP Build-Out To 3.6 Million Watt Broadcast Capacity Recently Completed

For those of you who’ve enjoyed hearing Jerry Smith’s interview on Cut to the Chase, this new update on the HAARP is of special interest.  During our interview, we discussed the global mind control capabilities of this system when it was only rated with an effective radiated power (ERP) of 960 kW.  Now that it pumping out  l 3.6 MW what does that mean for us.  I called Jerry and he told me that this increase HAARP’s ERP is not 3X as their media announcements suggest.  Rather, Jerry feels this gives their capability an increase by an order of magnitude (10X) and this means a substantial, across the board increase in every theoretical capability of the site.

HAARP now has the power to fulfill its naval role and can be used to communicate with any US submarine anywhere in the world and at any depth.  Further, it can now be used a global CAT scan as Jerry puts it.  Regardless of how remote or deep an unfriendly country builds its underground bunkers, tunnels, etc. HAARP can now map them with unparalleled precision thanks to it’s new 3.6 MK ERP.  Combine this capability with deep penetrating nuclear bunker busters and what you’ve got is a way to throttle the violent aims of rogue states like Iran and North Korea.

Likewise, the HAARP facility now has the power to subdue a world panicked by mainstream reports regarding the impending Planet X flyby once “official” sources are compelled to make this information public.

How do you feel about that? —Marshall Masters