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Haarp-US Military to Hand Famed Alaska Military Site Over to Civilian Operators

Control of a US Air Force research lab in Alaska – which has been the source of multiple conspiracy theories, from weather control to human mind manipulation – will be transferred to civilian authorities next month.

In August, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) will be handed over to the University of Alaska, an Air Force spokesperson confirmed to the Intercept.

“The Air Force Research Lab has control of the HAARP facility until Aug. 11,” Marmian Grimes, a University of Alaska spokesperson, wrote in an email to the Intercept.

“After that, the university will have access to the site under the terms of an agreement between [University of Alaska Fairbanks] and the Air Force. That agreement allows access for two years, which will provide the university and the Air Force time to negotiate an agreement regarding the transfer of the land.”

Located near Gakona, Alaska, HAARP is home to 360 radio transmitters and 180 antennas, which generate radio waves that heat up the ionosphere – a region of the upper atmosphere – by accelerating electrons, allowing scientists to conduct experiments.

HAARP was dreamed up during the Cold War to study whether currents of charged particles traveling through the ionosphere could be used to send messages to nuclear submarines deep underwater.

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