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Has NASA discovered life on Mars? Space agency calls urgent briefing to announce major discovery about Red Planet


Speculation is mounting among space watchers that Nasa is about to announce it has found life on Mars.

The US space agency is to host an urgent press conference at its Washington headquarters where it will announce that is has solved a major mystery about the Red Planet.

NASA has used previous briefings to announce ground-breaking discoveries – such as in July when it revealed the existence of the Earth-life planet Kepler-452b, outside our solar system.

Jim Green, Nasa’s director of planetary science and Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program, will be among the experts present at Monday’s event.

It is believed the agency could announce that it has discovered microbial life on Earth’s near neighbour or alternatively that it has found evidence of flowing water.

The latter theory is due in part to the fact that Lujendra Ojha, of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, will also be present at next week’s press conference



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