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Feminist college professor says women should hate men based on their gender …

Feminist college professor says women should hate men based on their gender … This is called “inclusiveness” A radical feminist man-hater who heads up Northeastern University’s “Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies” program, recently wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post that calls on all men everywhere to “step away” from pretty much every position of power in society in order to pacify the demands of feminist women like herself who hate men. Couching her blatant sexism as “inclusivity” and “equality,” Suzanna Danuta Walters, who also teaches sociology at NU, arguesRead More

A Revealing Look at Subliminal Messages Hidden in Popular Movies

A Revealing Look at Subliminal Messages Hidden in Popular Movies In 1957, the first messages encouraging moviegoers to buy Coca-Cola and popcorn were spliced into movie theatre film strips, and audiences did just that. The age of subliminal messaging in entertainment was born, and has been used as a running gag in movies like Fight Club, or as a genuine attempt to influence audiences without them realizing it. Here are Screen Rant’s Shocking Subliminal Messages Hidden In Popular Movies. Oh! Make sure you keep your eyes opened for our ownRead More

Electromagnetic radiation from power lines a “very real” threat to wildlife: Study

Power lines, cell towers and other trappings of modern life may come with a higher price tag than anyone could have imagined. Research shows that the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by our so-called technological advancements poses a substantial threat to wildlife (and to humans, for that matter). Environmental advocates are sounding the alarm, as the launch of 5G tech could cause even more trouble for surrounding flora and fauna. EKLIPSE, a review panel funded by the European Union, analyzed data from 97 different studies before reaching the conclusion that EMR wasRead More

Do You Know Who’s Using Your DNA Data?

You’re in search of your roots, on a quest to uncover your ancestors. You submit DNA to a public genealogy service and in exchange get information about your people. Success! But from a constitutional perspective, in the U.S., you’re also abandoning evidence, which means criminal investigators can use your data. They don’t need a search warrant and you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, but you should think carefully, according to a May 29 paper in the Annals of Internal Medicine by U.S. National InstitutesRead More

‘Merkel could be out by NEXT WEEK!’

‘Merkel could be out by NEXT WEEK!’: German MP claims Chancellor could lose her job as she REFUSES to back down on ‘open-door’ migrant policy Angela Merkel could be ousted as Chancellor by next week if she doesn’t come up with a plan for the migrant crisis, a German MP claims. Kai Whittaker, a member of Ms Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said infighting could weaken the ruling coalition and make her position untenable. Ms Merkel is at war with her Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who wants Germany to send backRead More

Poltergeist Curse – Just an Unnerving Hollywood Fluke?

Silly Superstition or is the Poltergeist Curse Something Real? Are curses real? Can a Hollywood set or crew be haunted? This is what many people have asked themselves about the blockbuster hit trilogy, Poltergeist, due to the uncanny number of tragedies on and off the set. Most people remember the sweet blond girl, Heather O’Rourke, who plays little Carol Ann. She was the main target of the poltergeist in the movies. Her real-life death before the completion of the third movie shocked the world. However, because there were so many other deaths andRead More

Why Masculinity is Under Attack

Why Masculinity is Under Attack The truth about the sex war Why are men refusing to get married?Why are young men increasingly afraid of approaching women?Why are natural biological gender roles being eroded and shamed? A poll found that 25% of US millennial men thought asking to buy a woman a drink was a form of sexual harassment. How did we reach this stage?       .

PLANET X NIBIRU is here update 10th June 2018

PLANET X NIBIRU is here update  10th June 2018     .

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bilderberg Group

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bilderberg Group In this video we’ll be answering the following questions: What is the bilderberg group? Is the bilderberg group real? Who are the members of the bilderberg group? How can you join the bilderberg group? Who attends the meetings of the bilderberg group?       .   .

‘DISEASE X’: New Strain Of Bird Flu Kills 40% Of Those Who Contract, 100s Dead In China

A “new” strain of deadly bird flu dubbed “Disease X” by the World Health Organization (WHO) has killed hundreds of people in China, and is just three mutations away from becoming transmissible between humans, according to experts. The strain, H7N9, circulates in poultry and has killed 623 people out of 1,625 infected in China – a mortality rate of 38.3%. While first identified in China in 2013, H7N9 has recently emerged as a serious threat seemingly overnight. “[H7N9] is an example of another virus which has proven its ability to transmitRead More

Emirates looks to windowless planes

Emirates Airline has unveiled a new first class suite on board its latest aircraft that features virtual windows. Instead of being able to see directly outside, passengers view images projected in from outside the aircraft using fibre-optic cameras. The airline says it paves the way for removing all windows from future planes, making them lighter and faster. Emirates president Sir Tim Clark said the images were “so good, it’s better than with the natural eye”. The virtual windows can be found in the first class cabin of Emirates’ newest BoeingRead More

Mike Adams : James Comey, Peter Strzok committed TREASON against America

James Comey, Peter Strzok committed TREASON against America Stunning details from the newly-released IG investigative report — download from the DOJ here — reveal a pattern of treason against the United States of America by James Comey, Peter Strzok and other deep state operatives inside the FBI and DOJ. Among other bombshell findings, the IG report revealed that FBI agent Peter Strzok actively plotted to “stop” Trump from becoming President. Furthermore, that admission by Strzok was surreptitiously deleted from the texts the FBI previously handed over the Congress, demonstrating yetRead More

The Bilderberg Plan to Force Us on the Digital Grid

The Bilderberg Plan to Force Us on the Digital Grid     .

Greenland is Cracking Apart-Erratic Shift in Jet Stream-African Rift Widens-Sunset Splits in Half

Greenland is Cracking Apart-Erratic Shift in Jet Stream-African Rift Widens-Sunset Splits in Half The fury of the planet is on full display with no end in sight.       .

An ex illuminati member has penned a letter outlining the plans the secret society has in store for humanity in the next few years.

After spending 47 years as a high-ranking illuminati member, the anonymous insider says that he wants to “reveal everything” after the burden of keeping it a secret became “too much to bear”. In an online post the ‘illuminati insider’ reveals: The process you have to go through in order to become a member Shocking revelations about who Obama really is (he is much more evil than anyone realises apparently) Information about ‘Space flights’ program How dark and satanic Denver, Colorado really is The truth about aliens This post will be about how theRead More

Is There A Secret Committee of 300 That Runs The World?

Many years ago the late Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th president of the United States, dropped some information in his retirement speech no one apparently took seriously.  Ike, as he was affectionately known, warned the USA in his famous speech of January 17, 1961 about those “behind-the-scenes” movers and shakers who actually were/are running this country.  Everyone thought he was out to lunch! Those who took him seriously, like President John F. Kennedy, and tried warning us about what was going on would find themselves offed from life and the planet. Read More

Is Europe Too Brainwashed To Normalize Relations With Russia?

Judging from statements made by G-7 leaders at the recent meeting, President Trump’s application of US sanctions to Europe and disregard of European interests, just as Washington dismisses every country’s interests except Israel’s, has not caused Europeans to disassociate from Washington’s hostility to Russia. The prime minister of England said that the G7 “agreed to stand ready to take further restrictive measures against Russia if necessary.” The American puppet in France, Macron, falsely accused Russia, the only country trying to enforce the Minsk agreement, of violating the Minsk agreement. TheRead More

Radioactive Dust Found in Homes of Workers at Major US Nuclear Weapons Facility

Radioactive microparticles were detected in the homes of six workers in central Washington state’s Tri-City area who are associated with the Hanford nuclear site, a major Cold War-era plutonium manufacturing facility, scientists have reported. A study published this month in the Journal of Environmental Engineering Science reported that small but still dangerous amounts of radioactive elements were found in dust collected by cloth wipes and vacuum cleaners in order to track the potential spread of radiation from one of the United States’ most notorious nuclear cleanup sites The same study also found radioactive particles in the homes of nuclear workers associatedRead More