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Henry Kissinger Doesn’t Care What You Think

On Tuesday April 26, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger participated in a Vietnam War Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library at the University of Texas. Kissinger discussed his role as Security Adviser to Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford during the Vietnam War before opening the floor to questions from the audience. The event was promoted as unrestricted questions for Henry Kissinger because this is likely the last time he will publicly discuss his role in the war.

When it came time for audience questions I jumped up to get in line. There were two lines, one in each aisle of the auditorium. After 3 questions from each aisle the “unrestricted” questioning ended right on my turn. Some of my more conspiracy minded friends were quick to assume that the event organizers must have recognized me for my activism/journalism and decided that I could not be allowed to question Kissinger. Maybe the organizers saw this video. Either way, the questioning was over and I was not going to get an opportunity to question Kissinger about his thoughts on Russia’s role in the “emerging world order” he loves to speak about. Have no fear, Mr. Kissinger, we will meet again.



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