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Here are the sites you can’t access because someone took the internet down

If you’re on Twitter or Tweetdeck, you’ll have noticed that it’s been up and down, working sometimes and not working a lot more. Slack also reports that it’s having problems.

A thread on HackerNews has documented that GitHub, Heroku, Paypal, Etsy, Spotify, Soundcloud, Reddit, Crunchbase, and Netflix have all been having trouble because of the attack, though some of those are now working intermittently again.

The attack has also had an effect on Amazon Web Services, the company’s web hosting arm, some of which is supported by Dyn.

Gizmodo compiled a list from its readers that includes news sites (BBC, CNN, The New York Times), other entertainment services (HBO Now, Elder Scrolls online) and a smattering of others (Yelp, Freshbooks, various Squarespace sites, Pinterest, Twilio, and, among them).


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