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Hollywood Babylon – The Inside Story on the Occult Empire

If you spend all your time wanting fame, fortune, money power and position. Eventually you will run into this wall. This brick wall of the brotherhood where you either join or give up all your dreams of being rich and famous because they control everything, they control the media, you won’t get five minutes of media time as a celebrity if you are not one of them, and so these celebrities will go to this Hollywood underground parties have sex with millions of old man and pedophiles that are agents and handlers who control Hollywood, control the stars.




Hollywood is, as David Lynch titles it, an “inland empire” – a kind of covenantal city-state of its own, with its own religion, including all the trappings of neophytes, acolytes, servants, agents, star saints, hierophants and hierarchs and holy sites.  It is a veritable polis of initiatory esoterica where the holy sites and rites of Hollywood are not the altars of mainstream religion, but another ancient religion, ultimately summed up in the epithet of the ancient mysteries.  The ancient mysteries comprise the competing religious practices of the empires of old, but the one empire that seems to have achieved the most appropriate association with Hollywood is Babylon – the “gate of the gods”.


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