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Hollywood Mind Control & the California Drought Atrocity


How does the predatory control system use their minions (read mind control slaves) in Hollywood to further the newly initiated Agenda 2030?

How does Hollywood use fear and guilt to manipulate the population into acting in a way that is absolutely not in their best interest? Find out the mind control tricks that are currently being employed by the satanic control system to make mankind the enemy of the planet and the planet (currently being destroyed by the control system) the victim of humanity. This week we take a closer look at the enslavement process called Agenda 21/2030.

Also this week WBB delves deeply into the sham that is the California drought and the possible migration from that state that the system has in mind for all of its residents. We look at the real causes of the drought conditions in California along with secret information that should put an end to the illusion of lack of water in our most precious of American farming territory.