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Hollywood’s Pedophilia Epidemic Exposed in ‘An Open Secret’

Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Amy Berg explores the seedy underbelly of Tinseltown in her eye-opening exposé—which includes a shocking on-camera confession.
It’s been almost a year since Bryan Singer managed to weather the storms of scandal after his most public accuser dropped his lawsuits alleging years of predatory underage sexual abuse against the X-Men director and several other Hollywood players.This month, as the Duggar family’s sex abuse revelations spark a national conversation on molestation, victimization, and accountability, Singer and Co. should batten down the hatches again.In the new scorched earth exposé An Open Secret, Oscar-nominated documentarian Amy Berg throws the curtains wide open on the alleged pedophilic ring of convicted and accused molesters linked to lavish, drug-fueled parties at the Encino mansion headquarters of now-defunct dot com web TV company Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) almost two decades ago.

Drive over the hill into Burbank and you pass the Oakwood Apartments, a sprawling 1,100-unit haven known for housing out-of-town child actors, wannabes, and their families. I always wonder how many ghosts of dreams past must still haunt the hallways at Oakwood, where a recent Deadline Hollywood investigation discovered two registered sex offenders convicted of crimes against minors were living this year.

Berg earned an Oscar nod for exposing similar pedophilic abuses within the Catholic Church in the affecting Deliver Us From Evil. Here, she’s forced to rein in the glare of her excoriating gaze on Singer despite that Michael Egan, the man who sued Singer for abusing him during trips to Hawaii in 1999 when Egan was a minor, is one of the film’s primary subjects.


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