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How Do You “Get” People To Want A One World Goverment?


You tell them that the world is about to END (read: global warming)…, if they don’t take your advice and change over to a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!   You tell them that the world is over populated by 6 Billion People and that if something is NOT DONE NOW…, the world is HISTORY!

This is how it is going to be done.  This is what is coming in SEPTEMBER when the Pope addresses the United Nations.

The FEAR TACTICS will be in high gear…, and of course who better to tell us than the POPE himself that we all need to ACCEPT his agenda and “solution” of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The New World Order just got a “new look”…, and what better way to polish away the NAZI – like “stench” of the phrase NEW WORLD ORDER by suddenly changing it to GLOBAL GOVERNMENT or ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…, and having it “rolled out” by the POPE himself…, (instead of GEORGE BUSH).

Regardless of whether or not people think the world should come together in UNITY…, the problem has always been just WHO is going to be running it if it goes that way?!

Well, the Pope is starting to choose his team, and Professor John Schellnhuber is one of the first.  Apparently scheduled to stand on the stage with the POPE…, as he rolls out his toxic climate change data…, John Schellnhuber is a man who thinks there are 6 billion too many people on the planet…, and that the ONLY way to solve all of the world’s problems is a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Be prepared for many lies, distractions, dire predictions, and all kinds of subtle hints that WE NEED TO HAND OVER MORE AND MORE POWER to a central “AUTHORITY” so that they can then “take care” of us.

Certainly the PATRIOT ACT.., was not enough to take away the rights and freedoms of all human beings.  Coming in late September…, we are going to hear MORE of the same…, and are going to be told how WE ARE NOT CAPABLE of handling our own affairs and that WE DESPERATELY NEED to hand over all authority to a CENTRAL ONE WORLD SYSTEM!

Who better to deliver such  a message than the POPE?  

The “globalists” are getting scared…, and impatient!  They want to grab the reins of power over the entire world…, and it’s taking TOO LONG.

The “message” has to be delivered by someone who can command “respect” and can be claimed is ABOVE ALL REPROACH!

Who better to deliver such a message than the POPE?

Are you starting to get it?   The wolf in sheeps clothing is about to make an appearance.

What ever “message” we hear in late September…, it will be one that sounds nice…, and even logical…, until you realize that almost ALL OF YOUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS have been taken away permanently.

And, you will be called upon and REQUIRED TO SURRENDER all decision making that is normally your GOD given right over to others…, who will now think and make decisions FOR YOU.

Be careful…, Be watchful…,  DON’T BE DECEIVED