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‘How many Muslim countries has Obama bombed?’ Oliver Stone slams US ‘world domination’ drive

Film director Oliver Stone said that the presidency of Barack Obama is no more benign than that of George W. Bush, as he entered the European leg of his tour to promote ‘Snowden’, his film that lionizes the NSA whistleblower

“Obama is just as tough as George W. Bush. He’s doubled down on the surveillance state. It’s bigger and stronger than ever,” 70-year-old Stone told AFP in Paris. “The moment he got into office he turned into a better form of Bush, a more efficient commander but basically believing the same old story that we are under attack every day and all day.”

Stone said that Obama promised to reverse the culture of unregulated abuse – marked by extraordinary rendition and Guantanamo during the previous administration – but instead made the violations more widespread and sophisticated, thanks to technology.



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