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How mind conditioning has created a great silence and passivity in the American society

Here’s a message from your government: Congratulations to you the people of America for your acquiescence, passiveness, and continued silence; your subservient behavior has been exemplary, it shows that your absolute, unconditional loyalty to your government is still in full force.

That’s not just a contrived cynical observation on my part. What that message really means is that mind conditioning, aka, mind control, an agenda that has been pursued by this government and the national media for some time, has been successful beyond all expectations.

The last time that Americans rose up all across this country to vent their rage and extreme dissension with regard to what their government was doing was during the latter years of the Vietnam War. Their massive protests and demonstrations were a major factor in bringing an end to that misguided, illegal, and immoral war. .

In examining this matter in more depth it’s important to make clear that the primary method or vehicle for implementing the process of mind conditioning has been the TV networks, newspapers, radio, i.e., the mainstream media; and in recent times the internet. Without the direct involvement of these means of communication there would be no such thing in America.

Remember how this media twisted the facts to support the Bush administration’s lies about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? This was an attempt to plant the notion that this war was entirely justifiable into the minds of the American people and it, most certainly, was highly successful.

The media acted as cheerleaders in that war in Iraq as well as the one in Afghanistan, both of which saw many thousands of our troops and innocent civilians die for no justifiable reason. And large parts of this media continued to vigorously support those wars when it became very evident that they both were colossal military mistakes. And far too many Americans believed the propaganda and bought in to the government’s attempted justifications.

Talk about mental conditioning, how about the non-stop extremely pervasive political commercials that flood the airwaves during our elections when hundreds of millions and billions of Corporate America’s dollars are spent to promote specific candidates who have sworn allegiance to that entity.

Has there been any political entity in the history of this nation that has had such a massive impact on our electoral process; one that relentlessly hammers these biased political messages into the American mind?

There are many things happening in America today that should be setting off alarm bells all over this country and awakening the people to the dangers that currently threaten our democracy and our way of life. But the people remain largely silent. It’s like “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”


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