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How Satanism And Mind Control Makes Its Way Into Your Homes! Monarch Mind Control To Hollywood Sex Slaves…

In one of the most disturbing videos made to date by  videographer TheScariestMovie Ever, he delves into the history of some of mankind’s darkest experimentation during World War II with Project Monarch, to modern day Hollywood, from movies to television programs and music which have brought the luciferian agenda, Satansim, and mind control into every person’s home in one form or another.

Look no further than the controversy over Katie Perry’s Grammy performance of “The Dark Horse,” or her Super Bowl half time show, to which many still refuse to watch and will only look at still shots because of their belief that by watching, they are opening the door to evil.

NOTE – You can see more about that at Nathan Leal’s website “The Watchman’s Cry,” where he breaks down the Perry Super Bowl half-time show, with still shots showing the very nature of what was brought into millions of households across America.

From mind control experiments conducted in WW2 to selective genetic breeding programs, things once called conspiracy theory but are now considered “technological advancements” and reported on as if they are completely normal, we see how the world has been programmed to accept the unacceptable.

From different levels of mind control programming to the truth of very public meltdowns as this programming breaks down, to MK-Ultra victims exposing their experiences, Hollywood sex slaves and celebrity demonic rituals, we see how this issue extends  from the entertainment industry to the political realm going to the very top of the Illuminati pyramid, according to our videographer.



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