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How to Fix Your Privacy on Android


It’s time to turn our attention to Google’s mobile operating system. Follow the tips below to limit what apps can access, the amount of personal data leaked back to the cloud, how much attention Google is paying to what you do on your smartphone, and more.

With the arrival of Marshmallow, Google introduced an iOS-style approach to permissions, which means you can turn individual permissions (including access to your location) on or off for each app. To see which app can access what, and make any necessary changes, go to the main Settings app then tap Apps, then the gear icon, then App permissions.

Disable any permissions you’re not comfortable with. You may get the odd error message as a result, but none of these options should be able to cripple an app completely. Alternatively, tap Apps then pick the app you want to check. A Permissions link is available halfway down that shows which bits of your system the app is able to access.


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