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How To Remove The RFID Chip From Your Credit Card



An RFID chip is a radio-frequency identification that is incorporated into credit cards, pets and other consumer products for the purpose of tracking. These chips have electronically stored information. With the rise in awareness of personal security, the use of the RFID chips have come under scrutiny about whether they are actually safe.

A recent article has described how to exactly remove these chips from your credit card. Since that article goes into detail on how to do this I won’t write too much else about it except to say that it really is worth a read if you are worried about this type of thing.

I did, however, want to expand on it. For example, quite recently, a company called Epicenter in Sweden who are based in a very high-tech office building have started to implant these chips under their employees skin. Now I realise that technology is advancing at a fast and exciting rate and we are developing new technologies that interact with us in more efficient ways. For example look at the Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset, it’s an amazing piece of technology that allows gamers to enter a virtual reality which is something I dreamed of as a child.

Having said that, the idea of implanting a chip into my arm which allows me to access information, open doors and my bank accounts just screams Big Brother to me. Other people may very well be open to the idea because as far as convenience goes it doesn’t get much better than having access to all your information at the same time. The chip could replicate RFID chip in your passport for example, thus making the passport redundant. That type of chip is still quite far off, but the fact we are on that trajectory is quite scary.