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‘I rigged parliament votes for President Poroshenko’ – fugitive Ukrainian MP

The president of Ukraine is personally involved in large-scale corruption, alleges a fugitive MP who claims to have rigged votes in the parliament by bribing fellow lawmakers with bags-full of cash on behalf of Petro Poroshenko.
The money used to buy votes had been embezzled from the state coffers and even includes funds provided to Ukraine by the International Money Fund, Aleksandr Onishchenko said in a Skype interview to Russian TV.

“The credits received from the IMF [were stolen]. There were so many contracts to pay inflated prices in budget money. It is simply being washed out of the budget and used by Poroshenko,” he told a political talk show aired on Rossiya 1 channel, in answer to a question about where the money for the bribes came from.

The interview is one of series Onishchenko gave to different media outlets since last week, including the British newspaper the Independent. The publicity attack has been dismissed by the Ukrainian president’s office, which accused Onishchenko of trying to shield himself form criminal investigations in Ukraine by falsely depicting himself as a victim of political persecution.


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