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If Distracted Driving is Bad…

We’re told it’s not safe to text while drive because that’s a distraction. But how about all these buzzers and flashing lights and (yes, it’s true) suddenly vibrating seats and steering wheels? Many new cars comes equipped with some – or all – of the following:

Blind Spot Detection

Lane Change Assist

Lane Departure Warning

Cross Traffic Alert

Brake Assist/Collision Mitigation

Park Assist

Drowsy Driver Warning

Pedestrian Detection Warning

Plus air bag sensors so sensitive they sense a “person” in the passenger seat when all you’ve got riding shotgun is a footlong from Subway.

Each with a buzzer/beeper and light show.

Plus multiple in-car LCD touchscreens, various mice and menus and (yes) Wi-Fi Internet access.

Is it all not… distracting to be accosted by such?


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