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If hurricanes are caused by mankind, then why are there hurricanes on Saturn?

There are even hurricanes on other planets, including a giant 1250-mile-wide hurricane on Saturn (see NASA photo below). According to Hillary Clinton and the mindless, scientifically illiterate democrats, all hurricanes are caused by mankind, including hurricanes on other planets where no man has ever set foot. How humans have managed to cause hurricanes on Saturn is never quite explains by “scientists” on CNN, for some reason… maybe because the very idea is stupid beyond belief.

According to democrats, I suppose, carbon dioxide also must be a time traveling greenhouse gas because, apparently, present-day CO2 had to have traveling back in time to cause hurricanes for the last million years or so (yeah, there were hurricanes a million year ago). It’s not just CO2 we have to worry about, you see, it’s that damned time-traveling CO2 that really screws things up!

Here’s a photo of a giant hurricane on Saturn. If you want to stop this hurricane, you’re apparently supposed to vote for a democrat (thereby proving you are a complete idiot):.


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