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If Trump Tries To Remove ISIS, Will He Be Removed?

We know what to think of Hillary based on her associates and history. As we wrote here, she represents corporatism and militarism – the coming technocracy, in other words.

We are less certain about Trump.

He may have decided to run for president on his own and thus opened up possibilities for personal and political manipulation.

But when Trump speaks bluntly about Hillary’s role in creating ISIS, he is basically making statements rarely heard in large – mainstream – venues before.

Mitt Romney never said anything like this.

GOP leaders, despite their supposed antagonism to Democrats, have never made such statements.

Many GOP-ers are pro-war. Any war. Just like Hillary.

Congressman Ron Paul was anti-war, and as a result he was eventually marginalized as a presidential candidate.

Some of Trump’s statements have Ron Paul-like resonances.

True, in this interview he said he would “declare a full-blown war on the group.” On the other hand, he clarified his statement.


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