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Illuminati Celebrities Exposed Selling Their Soul The Luciferian Contract

The last thing to do is to worship the devil. All the celebrities are illuminati. In the below video, we are going to expose how the illuminati celebrities are selling their soul to Lucifer. Songs (music) are spells (witchcraft) and contain esoteric (hidden) messages. From pagans, witches (females), wizards (males), satanists etc.

One of their message “They’re not Children of God, they’re so called “Mankind”/Nephilim/Tares (Hybrids between Men & Fallen Angels), they don’t have the Holy Spirit residing in them, they’re all demon possessed, and have sold their souls for for money, sex and fame,  and It’s all hidden in plain sight.  Their goal with these spells is to make you “dance” the way they want to, to lower your inhibitions, to distort your perception of reality, the same thing applies to Hollywood movies, TV, it’s everywhere.”




ILLUMINATI CELEBRITIES EXPOSED Selling Their Soul The Luciferian Contract